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Julie Larson grew up singing. She remembers her first public performance at age three. Since that first “gig” with her dad and sisters, Julie kept on singing - in school, at church, in community theatre, as a vocal performance major in college, in a rock band, and the list goes on.

So as you can tell, Julie has many years of performance experience under her belt - and those performances cover a variety of events. Also important to note is the wide range of musical genres with which she is comfortable. Julie can easily jump from Gershwin to Grieg, or from Brahms to Blondie - all in the same hour.

As a mezzo-soprano, Julie’s vocal range spans just short of three octaves. Following are a few highlights of Julie’s performing and musical studies experience.

· 10 years of formal vocal instruction.
· 12 years of formal piano instruction.
· Lead and support roles in musicals: 1940s Radio Hour,
  Cabaret, Camelot,
& The Fantastiks
· Received a full-tuition vocal scholarship to the
  University of Iowa.
· Performed and toured with Iowa State Fair Singers and
  Old Gold Singers - two elite vocal groups in the state
  of Iowa.

Julie Larson is Vocal Fluidity