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A voice that easily moves and flows,
is characterized by a smooth, easy style and adapts to a variety of musical genres.
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Testimonials & References
Trendy Singer by picpics
“Julie Larson has an incredible voice, and must rein it in at times to avoid overpowering her co-stars.”

                                     The Newark Advocate, April 1997
                                     The Fantastiks Review

"Julie sang at our wedding with her band, as well as a solo during the ceremony. My husband and I both had 'surprise' songs to each other at the ceremony. A month before the wedding, I finally chose mine and talked to Julie to see if she could do it. I never thought the Eagles song, Love Will Keep Us Alive, could sound better than the original — especially with female vocals! It truly made our ceremony very special. Julie can sing anything beautifully, and our wedding proved it!

                                     Columbus, Ohio

"Ten years ago I saw the Licking County Players' musical 1940s Radio Hour. It was a very good production but one person stood above all others. I never forgot her because I looked in the program for her name several times to remember whose voice and acting were so outstanding. It was Julie Larson. I heard her sing many times since then, in different venues and in different styles, and every time was impressed with the purity, strength and sincerity of her performance. "

                                     Columbus, Ohio