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A voice that easily moves and flows,
is characterized by a smooth, easy style and adapts to a variety of musical genres.
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Vocal Fluidity will add musical sophistication to your wedding day.

During your ceremony…
Julie can provide both sacred and secular music to personalize your joyful occasion. Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t have a clue when it comes to selecting ceremony music, Vocal Fluidity can help. Julie has quite an extensive list of songs she’s performed and is always willing to add new things to her repertoire.

You’ll find Julie to be very flexible when it comes to the music selection process and working with your church organist/pianist or other musicians. More than anything, Vocal Fluidity wants the ceremony music to be a direct reflection of you - the couple - on one of the biggest days of your life!

During your wedding reception…
Vocal Fluidity is a nice fit for the cocktail and dinner portion of the event. Julie won’t try to be the focal point in this setting. Instead, her background vocals and keyboards will only enhance the wonderful reception that has brought so many of your family and friends together.

Look at a sampling of the songs Vocal Fluidity can provide for your wedding ceremony and cocktail/dinner hour. And of course, Julie is always willing to add custom songs in time for your special day.
Ceremony Vocalist
Serving Columbus & central Ohio.
Southern Wedding by Noelle Franzen, Carlsbad, CA